Scan My Liver LLC 

Safeguarding your health by scanning your liver.

The concept for Scan My Liver came about from the frustration of not being able to asses liver health in patients with an affordable and non-invasive procedure.  The big hospital systems did not have the budget for it, and felt there was not a big enough return on their investment. Instead patients had to travel far for the service or undergo expensive and/or invasive procedures.  Going out of network often meant higher cost for patients, not to mention the loss of time and work.

There needed to be a more cost effective and non-invasive way to assess liver health without the insurance companies or hospitals dictating what that would be.  My colleagues proposed the idea that we should do it.  We should provide a mobile Fibroscan service.  Over six months later, a new company and service is born.

This affordable non-invasive mobile service is tailored to the patients needs.  We do it in the comfort of you home at the time you are available.  No need to travel for hours or wait for the insurance approval and/or be surprised with a high bill. Just call or book online, and get your doctor the information he needs to get you back to health.


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Enrique Casiano

Owner and LPN

Caring with a smile.  Everyone that knows me, knows I always work with a smile.  My patient center philosophy has led me to fulfill the need to provide this non-invasive procedure using Fibroscan.  Liver health is extremely important for the whole body. My commitment is to put the patient first and to provide the best service possible.

Having worked in one of the local hospitals.  I have seen first hand the financial, emotional and physical strain patients go through, when they don’t get answers and they have to go here and there.  I aim to minimize and alleviate these strains.  

 My goal is to have be a resource of information on liver health and the mobile Fibroscan service your go-to liver health assessment. I will work with you and your doctor toward improving your liver’s health.


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